Thursday, October 9, 2014

Why did we do it.

Back in March before leaving Florida for the winter we started discussing looking at the possibility of moving to a fifth wheel from our much loved Class A "Ossumer". Our way of spending the winters has changed from travelling to one of staying in one place for extended periods of time, do we need that large travelling machine with all its glorious motor and running gear to sit on a lot in Southern Florida for 5 - 6 months. The maintenance costs on a diesel MH can be high even for just oil and filters. Insurance and license are costly. The thought of having a major part like a blower fail costing thousands of dollars was always in the back of our mind. When you do have a mechanical failure you cannot just find a local Ford or Chevy dealer to fix it. Anyway enough excuses we talked ourselves into getting a fifth wheel and truck and letting our wonderful motor home go to someone else . We loved and enjoyed our motor home and it served us well.

Good bye "Ossumer" hello "Torrey" . Torrey is a 2008 Newmar Torrey Pine 38' gently used by her previous owners. We have had her out for 2 weekend trips to the beach to get the feel of things and so far so good we love it.

This week we have been doing some projects getting ready for the migration.

The Progressive energy management system (surge protector) was installed you can see it under the shelf with the yellow drill on it. Those 2 shelves were also fabricated providing some storage space from a almost unusable space.

This is our new Super Glide hitch that we picked up today still have to install the capture plate on the pin box and then we will be able to give it a try. The truck came with a hitch installed but we thought we liked this one better.

Torrey came equipped with a Mor / Ryde pin box which is supposed to take out some of the chucking between trailer and truck, that's where the capture plate will be attached tomorrow.

This is not a good picture but it is hard to get a good one where she is currently parked in our driveway maybe when we test drive the new hitch we will get some good combo pics.

Inside pictures will be coming soon but at least you know what to look for coming down the road.

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  1. congrats on your new home away from home!! its a beauty!!!

  2. Nice 5er, enjoy you new travel home.
    I agree if you are going to sit in one place for long periods a trailer makes much more sense.
    The main reason we bought a gas motorhome was for the maintenance costs. And it gets serviced at the local garage.

  3. Nice rig. There's definitely a lot less that can go wrong on a 5'er in comparison to a MH.

  4. Nice change over. It makes sense to me that being parked for long periods negates the need for a motorized RV. We like our 5th wheel....and find little difficulty getting around; including a protruding swivel wheel for our motorcycle. We roll at 63' in length with the truck, 5th wheel and motorcycle deck.

  5. We actually have thought of a motor home, but I hate to give up the space for driving...If we ever do upgrade again, I have a feeling it will be another fiver..maybe 34ft instead of 31..Hope to catch up with you for and adult beverage in Florida!

  6. I think you'll feel more at home in the fifth wheel. Nice choice!

  7. Good choice, I think it's a perfect fit your traveling lifestyle. :c)