Monday, January 27, 2014

2014-3rd Attempt

Well folks, this is the third attempt at my blog today...seems its been so long since I've blogged I'm not sure where to start. I have been feeling major guilt over not keeping the blog up to date. It seems the longer you get away from it the harder it is to regroup and get back to it. I have been reading and keeping up with you all periodically, and now that most of you are on Facebook, I get some daily updates on your lives from there.
We have been busy!!! We helped our friend next door purchase a new RV trailer, and get all moved in and setup. Rick has been busy, rebuilding her steps to fit her new rig. He also installed a new floor like ours in our other friends 5th wheel..they were happy to get rid of the carpet.
We had a great Christmas, volunteering  at the local legion again this year, and we served up 666 dinners for the sick, shut-ins and seniors.
Ready to serve at the Legion

After our work at the legion they fed us too!

 Followed by a wonderful dinner back here at our resort.

New Years, we attended the resort dance and party with friends and a great time was had by all. 
Why do flashes make your eyes 1/2 close :) It had to be the flash lol
The sad part of our New Years was the loss of darling boy Duffy. His mom and dad had to let him go on Dec. 31st. We were visiting in NC in Nov. and helped him celebrate his 15th birthday. He certainly had a wonderful long life, thanks to the excellent care he received from his owners. He was a registered therapy/hospice dog, and certainly deserved all the medals and awards he won over the past 15 years.
Darling McDuff -RIP dear boy across Rainbow Bridge
On Jan. 1 our boys arrived from the west coast of Canada to spend some time with us. We visited Sanibel Island..On the 3rd we all headed down to Key West for a long weekend. 
Pilot house Key West-Beautiful place to stay

Taken from top of Mallory Square

Taken from top of Mallory Square
What a wonderful time we had. The boys flew back home  on the 7th, our time together sure went by fast, but we were so grateful to them for coming to visit.
Our Boys Rob and Craig
Sanibel Island-bowmans beach

We met up with Rick and Gail  and had a great lunch together and another fun happy hour visit with them while they were parked just up the road from us at the Ortona park....
Gail and Rick-it was so nice to spend time with them
We headed on over to the Tampa RV show this year, meeting up with our dear friends, Donna and Ralph and Buck and Jeannie, it was nice that we all got to park together for four days. We ran into a lot of fellow friends and rvers at the Tampa RV show...was so nice to see everyone!!
Jeannie Myself and Donna-we have such a good time together
My cousins came down to visit while we were in Tampa and I hadn't seen Dan or Deb for many years so that was a nice surprise!! On Saturday my sweet cousin Lori and her hubby Randy came to Tampa for the was a wonderful gathering of cousins. We were so busy catching up we didn't even think to get some good pics.

We have been busy with potluck dinners, bean bag baseball, euchre, and mexican train. 

Rick has also been busy renovating here in our own Motorhome. We removed the big TVs and he re worked the cabinetry in the front and installed  a nice new flat screen TV. In the bedroom he removed the big one that was in there and hung the new flat screen on a door and I now have a huge closet area behind that tv. (and yes its found space so of course I claimed it as mine). We no longer hit our heads on the big protruding TV in the living area :).
He removed the roll out shelf and storage shelf on the computer station area in the front, it was something we never used much as we have laptops, and he  installed our fireplace in that area. So its nice to have that floor space back. We plan to remove the carpet on that part of the slide and tile it with 4x4" tiles.We purchased new solar shades, for the living area, and I'm very happy to see the day nighters gone!! Rick had no problem measuring up and installing them. 
Not easy to capture a good shot the colour is charcoal apricot-they are like MCDs but are not MCDs and the price was fantastic!

Sure pays to have a handy man. I'm very pleased with the new shades!!

Hope you are all doing well! Enjoy the rest of your winter it sure seems to be going by very fast...

Happy and Healthy 2014 to each and everyone of you!!

Rick Elaine Tucker and Lilly


  1. You've been busy.
    Are you sure you don't work harder down south than when you're back home?
    Of course, I'd probably be doing pretty much the same. Can't sit around for too long. Not that I even work that hard at anything, but still like to be "at it".

  2. Good recap! I know what you mean, if you miss some time, where do you start? It looks like you've been too busy to blog, but it's fun to have a catch-up from time to time, and it all sounds good.

    Happy New Year and a good rest-of-winter to you, too!

  3. You guys look so happy! It's amazing how fast time flies. I have no problem blogging, but keep forgetting to take pictures!

  4. Nice to see you back and keeping busy always something to do. I found too that not posting the blog on a regular basis it becomes overwhelming and just keep putting off.

  5. I've been following your progress on Facebook, and you have really been busy!...Dennis won't give up the carpet..He hates tile and hardwoods...darn! I don't get the solar shades...Does the sun come through them??...or can you see out through them, but not in??? As you can see, I'm clueless.

    1. A lot like the mcd's can see out but ppl can't see in....I love love them did five windows (1 level layer not the day/night) for less than 300.00 ordered online...delivered to door...
      Bob I hear you..Rick is forever puttering at something..
      Laurie time is certainly flying by we're almost into Feb..
      Hey George..nice to be back going to try keep it up at least every few days
      Hey has been busy for sure..and to know where to start..where I left off I guess lol

  6. Wow you have been busy! Sounds like it's all been fun and that you aren't letting much grass grow under your feet.

  7. Glad to hear you're not sitting around getting rusty and covered in cobwebs! Rick did a great job on that TV, it's the best conversion I've seen (and I've seen a lot of them). It is something I'll have to do one of these days and I want the cabinet to look like yours. Can you rent me Rick for a few days? :c)

    1. :0) not a problem I lend him out all the time ...

  8. Great to hear from you. Wish I did FaceBook, not really. Happy 2014 to you all. Blogging is a time taker but we sure appreciate new posts from you. Glad you are enjoying your winter thus far.

  9. I'm just trying to get caught up after 10 days with no internet and reading all you've done has made me tired. You guys are BUSY. I'd sure like to have Rick come over and redo my front giant TV and turn it into a flat screen. He did a great job. Maybe he could coach David. I don't seem to be able to motivate him to try to figure it out. :-) If I bump my head once more on that thing I'll need a hard hat. I don't do facebook, I like the details of blog posts better so thanks for posting this.

  10. As you near your departure time, you had better update your blog. A lot has happened since your last post....