Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sewing, Happy Hours, Touring, Company and Star Gazing

We have certainly been crowding work and play into our days.  The gals and I made a few trips to Ft Myers and did a quick tour of Masters Flea Market..what a place that was, we definitely need to return as we only saw a bit of it. Joe and Carolyn travelled on and Larry and Marilyn arrived for a week long visit. And what a busy week it was. Marilyn and I made new drapes for our coach. After 2.5 days of measuring, cutting, pressing and sewing, the final result is gorgeous. Thank you so much Marilyn for working so hard, and giving up your time, my dear friend. You are so talented!!
dim out lining

The smiling designer

Yea first one finished

loving the pattern and colour

We also took a day and toured the Everglades, Everglade City, Marco Island, and back through Ft Myers to home here in Moore Haven. We had lunch at the Havana Cafe in Everglade City and it was the best meal ever. So if your in that area be sure to stop, and top it off with an Everglade ice-cream, you won't be sorry. 
Rick and I Everglades

Marilyn and Larry Everglades

The Everglades

And we did manage to squeeze in our happy hours during this busy week. Last evening was our farewell Happy Hour as Marilyn and Larry rolled out early this morning for Orlando to meet up with their son, daughter in law and sweet grandson for a week long visit to Disney. 
Happy hour snacks

Shrimp ready for the bbq

Happy Hour crowd
What fun to experience Disney through the eyes of a 3 year old. Gramma and Grampie were pretty excited this morning.
Its hard to believe our winter is coming to an end. Where did the time fly to I wonder, it seems like we just got here. The days weeks and months have just flown by. I guess its true that time flies when your having fun. Our resort had a yard sale yesterday, you set up on your lot and sold your wares. It was a good opportunity to unload some non needed items. I was quite impressed, as I didn't have much out but I made $90.00. I was told tho by the 'boss' I could sell but not purchase lol. Poor Tucker was under the weather for a few days so I was cooking up rice and chicken for him, but as you can see he is now back to normal and feeling much better.
Tucker catching up on his dogbook.

I'm thinking today will be a rest day, other than meals and some coach cleaning -me thinks it will be a lazy one, catching up on blogs.
Rick downloaded an app on my iPad, and now we can sit out after dark and star gaze, "GoSkyWatchP" point the ipad toward the night sky and shows you the planets up close and names them for you. Interesting! 
Star gazing
Theres Jupiter

Glad to see you are all doing well..
A nice end to a wonderful day

Be safe out there everyone!!!


  1. Always busy times in the winter. A sounds like great visit with Larry and Mar. A great seamstress, maybe we need to meet up with them at 50 Point this summer, missed them this winter.

  2. The drapes are lovely. I do like the color and pattern also. Great job ladies!

    What a cool app for the iPad. I wonder if they have anything like that for the iPhone.

    Awesome sunset photo.

    1. yes if you have an iphone you can download it on there marsha

  3. Glad to see you didn't give up the ship with blogging. The drapes look great.

    The night we were at your place everything was happening so fast that we missed that Logo. When Kathy and I were into cake decorating we actually took a course by Nicholas Lodge demonstrating how to make those from Gum Paste Sugar. Very time consuming.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. things do move fast around here for didn't give up the ship just falling into bed so tired each night that the blog was suffering...and getting up in the mornings with a full agenda...I think I need a rest..

  4. But what a great winter holiday you two have had, right? Busy...having deserved after a life of work and sacrifice. So, have at it!

    The curtains do look nice.

  5. Tucker is linking wonderful! What a terrific friend you have. Love that sunset picture.

  6. your Tucker has dogbook?..I may have to look into signing our Tucker up too!

  7. Although we are a little homesick this winter, we also feel like the winter flew by !!

    Sure looks like you are finding a great balance between work and play !!

    Enjoy your last few days before heading north again ... take care ... TnT

  8. Winter has flown by for sure. I have enjoyed reading about your fun in FL. We hope to be there next winter!

  9. Tucker with his 'dogbook' is my favourite pic by far - what a smart dog, what's his email address?

  10. ooooh that shrimp looks GOOD!

    Karen and Steve
    The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  11. Great job on the drapes Elaine--I really need to do that for our coach--I think the current ones are original (1995) YIKES!

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  13. Mar is a great seamstress. Lucky you. Your RV looks very nice indeed. Maybe you need a holiday from your holiday. You just might have to sked in a day off now and then and just sit at home and relax. Glad you are having a great winter.