Monday, December 31, 2012

Remember When?

New Years resolutions-"stop stressing over what you cannot change" thats the only one I'm making!!
I have all but given up on the verizon mess-its no longer worth my time or energy. But I still wish there was an office where I could go and get in someones face.
 Why is there no true customer service in today's world. Remember the days when the grocery store would deliver your phoned in grocery order-and get it all right? And when the milkman delivered your milk-then collected from you once a month? You went to the bank and actually didn't need an appointment to open a bank account and the teller would update your bank book-by hand? You could call any company you wanted and a real person answered the phone? And the customer was 'always' right. Even when they were wrong.
 I often reflect on the past and the remember whens. Kids played outside all day, we skated, and went sliding in the winter, drove our bikes and jumped rope and swam in any big puddle or stream we could find, in the summer...the only thing on the TV in the daytime was the test pattern. There was nothing computerized in our house-the fact that the toilet had a handle and flushed when you pushed it was amazing. Heck the fact that the bathroom was even in the house was progress. The closest thing to technology back then was the 'transistor' radio that you got free at the gas station with your stamps book. Some days I would just love to go back to the simplicity of the old  gone by days. I honestly don't remember any murders in our home town and I sure don't remember guns in our house. It was safe to walk from one end of town to the other at night with your friends. There was one phone in the house and it was connected permanently to the wall. Christmas was the most exciting event of the year. We just waited in anticipation for the wooly barley toys that were in our socks. By the time you picked all the wool off of it you nearly didn't have the energy to eat the darn thing. Then there was always a big handful of loose nuts (and we never had a nut cracker) which you had to smash with dads hammer. Remember when 2.00 worth of gas in your dad's car would drive you around for a whole weekend? Ahh the good 'old' days. Not to say that the days of today aren't good days. They are but just in a different way. Now, I couldn't live without is what keeps us in touch with our kids and family while we travel-and its much easier to camp in our motorhome than it was in Mom and Dad's volkswagen. I love to reflect! Ok time to get myself back to the present.
Last week we headed down to Ft Myers with friends for some after Christmas shopping and met up with my gorgeous cousin and her darling kids who were in the area for Christmas at her inlaws... it was great to see them and we got our 'kid' fix for the day. We went to lunch and enjoyed a great visit.
Beautiful babies and mama

Rick helped our neighbour plant a tree on her lot in memory of her late husband, and we planted some flowers on our lot. (He tends to look for 'outside' distraction when I'm on the phone ranting with verizon-smart man). 
The Landscapers
Some folks in the resort drove back home for the holidays. Our friends Cheryl and Cal were due to return today, so where it was a cooler day I popped on a big boiled jigs dinner, whipped up some biscuits and had it ready when they returned. Who wants to cook after driving for 3 days. Our neighbour Debbie joined us and she provided a scrumptious home made pecan pie. Welcome home Cheryl and Cal! 
Whats cooking?

He actually caught me without the apron on

wonderful dinner companions

surprised you didn't I

Its a chilly evening again at 49 F..but to me thats just nice sleeping weather. As long as the days are warm I can handle the cool nights. 
Tomorrow is the last day of 2012. It has been a good year for us, and we are thankful for all that we have and all we can do. Our neighbour Debbie is graciously sharing her wifi with us ..she has a land line and dsl. Bless her heart! Maybe someday I will get this verizon mess straightened out! Have a wonderful and safe New Years Eve. We are attending a dance right here at the resort which should be a grand time. I see Karen and Steve moved and are currently getting plastered-I just may opt for some plastering myself tomorrow night. Rick will probably hide my cell phone as I tend to want to talk to everyone after the plastering!! 

To all our friends and family all the very best of the very best for Health and Happiness in 2013.

Thanks for stopping by,
Rick Tucker and Lilly


  1. Happy new year to you both and the fur kids too!!!

  2. LOVE your post and how TRUE it is! I miss those days also Elaine!
    Have a wonderful and blessed New Year! We love ya and miss you, but have a wonderful time in Florida! Hope to see you when you pass thru NC again!

    -Debbie and David in NC

  3. Have a great New Years Eve and be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  4. I think what I miss most is that life seemed less complicated, for kids and adults. I do feel sorry for kids who can no longer freely play outside.

    Sorry to hear you still haven't gotten high enough in Verizon's chain of command to get any help. It does sound like a good stiff drink may be in order. Happy New Year.

  5. Happy New Year and good Luck with your Verizon.

  6. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. I, too, love to reminisce. I enjoy remembering so many wonderful times and having a good chuckle over some of the crazy things I did.

    Happy New Year to you two and the kids.

  7. We try to live our life as simply as possible. Mind you we definitely have to have the internet, got to have that! Really though that is our only real piece of modern technology, no cell phone, no TV, Sherman doesn't even have a radio. We are pretty happy living this way, it's about as close as you can get to living "back when" plus we do it in Mexico, where you always see the kids outside playing in the local square. Things are still pretty laid back here.

    Glad you had a great 2012, hope you have an even better 2013. Happy New Year to you both.

    Kevin and Ruth

  8. That Verizon mess really has hit you hard, Elaine, it does sound very frustrating. But, would you really like to go back to the old days of a wringer type washing machine and having to hang out clothes by hand? How about a nice little ice-box in the tiny fridge? Things may be frustrating at times but I'll still take today's conveniences. By the way - how about a tent in Florida rather than your beautiful MH? Just sayin...

    I hope the New Year brings a resolution to your Verizon mess.

    All the best to you and Rick.

    1. Wasn't meaning to sound ungrateful totally grateful and thankful for all we do see and have...just miss the simplicity of the old days..actually I do hang out clothes at home (after my front load washes them lol and yes I do have a dryer)..and I am seeking an old wringer for the cottage ...we do have an electric pump up there but we also still have the old hand pump for in the winter time ....and I agree I love the conveniences of today for makes life easier...but I miss good customer service and respect as a consumer...have a wonderful New Years and all the very best in 2013 to you and Paulette...

  9. Be safe tonight, and yes, have Rick hide that phone! :)

  10. I'm lucky if I can remember where I put my car keys...

  11. Thank You Thank You, Elaine. If I could I would rturn back the clock in a heartbeat. "Remember when" - a topic full of feelings. Thanks again!

  12. Good rant Elaine. I, like you, believe that customer service has hit new lows. It seems that most businesses simply do not care....and do not seem to train the staff properly. I walk when I do not get good service.

    I like modern day technology. It's efficient, by and large!

    Wishing you and Rick an fantastic 2013. All the very best of wishes.

  13. Love this post!!! Great memories. Happy New year to all the gang.

  14. Thanks for the smile as we read of your "good 'ol days" ... LOL.

    Teresa and I added a few of our favorite things while reading your post ... great memories !!

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful, safe, and meaningful 2013

    Take care ... TnT