Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Company, Kids, and Wasps...

Wow is summer over? We are having nice cool evenings and chilly mornings, and you know your busy when 'seasons' change and you missed it. We have been busier than a 'cow calving in a hailstorm'. Seems we have not stopped!!!!

After Donna and Ralph left on Tuesday, we had company arrive on Thursday for the night. I spent Wednesday readying the mobile palace for my cousin Lisa her hubby Andy their daughter and their daughters friend. They were stopping overnight on their way to Bangor for the long weekend. When they left Friday morning I stripped the beds in the MH loaded it up and off Rick and I went to a campground not too far from here for the long weekend. We drove 1/2 back on Saturday to pick up the grand daughters to bring them down camping with us for over night, I'm ashamed to say it was the first time we had them out with us this season..we have not been home long enough. They made trips back and forth to the playground, walked the dogs, watched movies, enjoyed the bonfire, ate smores...and enjoyed themselves while with us. We took them back 1/2  way to town met up with their parents, kissed them goodbye and headed back to the MH for a much needed rest that afternoon. We rolled on back home on Monday.
Waiting for Poppa to light the campfire

We are here to

Bacon and Pancakes for Breakfast
Last week consisted of mowing-yard work and flower beds-house cleaning and cooking for company which arrived on Friday and left yesterday. Rick has been trying to exchange some shingles on the house roof..but the minute he put the ladder against the house the wasps started chasing him. We have a nest somewhere in the soffit :(....he has been up there spraying a couple of times a day and at dusk. This evening our son came for supper (thankfully someone is holding the ladder ~scares me to death)..and Rick drilled some holes in the soffit and injected the spray directly in there. He at first thought the soffit would just pop out but that was not the case of course. So tomorrow we will see if there are any comings and goings in that area, and hopefully we can get those shingles changed out.
We have company arriving sometime this week. Not sure which day tho. They are in a 39' discovery with a toad. We have never met them-they are friends of RV friends. They do like wine tho so we should be good to go :)....the next thing we know it will be time to start organizing for our winter south...Well I've rambled on long enough I'm sure there must be something I should be doing-and I do need to get the laundry in off the clothesline. Take care all~ have a super good week and remember:

Home is where you park it.....


  1. Yes, summer is over. Our nights are becoming very cool very fast.
    Beautiful header photo!

  2. well if they like wine?..they must be great people!..
    on our local news they said that 'leslie' had hit the maritimes?..hope you are away from the storm?

    1. we have been fine Sue..it hit in NS but we lucked out its in Newfoundland today..hopefully it takes off from there -weather is looking good for her for the next couple of days..

  3. Lovely grandgirls - it's always fun to spend some time with the young ones.

  4. Love the new header pic..beautiful! I agree..anyone who loves wine is OK in our book :)

  5. The girls are both very pretty and it looks like they are on the verge of growing up. Time for you to rest a bit, I think!

  6. Sounds like a wine tour is in your future? I need that sign in my yard site that says, "Wine a little bit, you'll feel better!"

  7. You have had a whirlwind summer. It all seemed like good fun though. Hard to complain about that. Now you get to plan more fun for the coming winter getaway to the sunny and warm southern climes.

    Lovely grand kids too!

  8. Great pics of your beautiful grand kids - I'm sure they love a campfire!

    It's changing here on this coast as well - cooler evenings and mornings.

    Hope the wasps are gone, I hate those things!

  9. Your granddaughters look like they are enjoying being with you, too bad visits like that are so quickly over. But there is always the next time. :c)

  10. Wine is fine

    But I like S'mores MORE

  11. Whew......you never stop!!! Try and get some you time.

  12. Relax with some wine and take it easy for a bit, its fun!

  13. You guys being busy seems to be the way of things. I marvel at all you do. Beautiful header picture. And lovely shots of those girls and of Tucker and the Diva!

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