Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just Too Much Fun!!!!!!!! Can you ever have Too Much Fun???

Well believe it or not we have been having just too much fun!! I'm truly loving this retirement gig-where did we ever find the time to work.
I am finally caught up on my blog reading, but way behind on my blog writing-thats what happens when your having fun fun fun!
Donna, Ralph, Jeannie and Buck arrived in their rigs last Thursday. We did the quick hugs and hello's then got everyone parked and setup. 
The two rigs parked up and hooked up at the Cochrane RV park.

Of course we ate a few meals!!!

I wonder whats going on here?

We laughed, chin wagged, and played cards, and laughed and ate and ate some more.
They all made a trip down to Hopewell Rocks and got to walk on the ocean floor.
We left here on Monday with our motorhomes and convoyed over to Prince Edward Island-we carried walkie talkies and 'moi' played commentator while in travel (I didn't yack the whole time I just pointed out interesting attractions such as eagle nests on poles)
Confederation Bridge-you pay to get off the Island but not to Get on-so if you move there its free.

The bridge is 8 miles long, construction took place from Autumn of '93 to spring of '97 and cost $1.3 billion to build. It is a multi-span beam bridge with post-tensioned concrete box girder structure. Most of the bridge is 131 ft above water, and contains a 197ft navigation span to permit ship traffic. It rests on 62 piers, of which the 44 main piers are 820 ft apart and it is 36ft wide. It connects PEI and New Brunswick.

Of course we stopped to tour Gateway Village on The PEI side for a tour and lunch
Ralph, Rick and Buck - outstanding in their field

The Three Beauties - waiting for us while we lunched-(Ossumer playing with his new friends!)
Then it was onto Cavendish, to get ourselves setup at Marco Polo RV Park. Nice park, with spacious lots. And close to all of the Anne of Green Gables attractions!
Our first attraction on Tuesday was to Avonlea Village. Very quaint and very "Anne"-we thoroughly enjoyed our day there.

Buck Jeannie Donna and Ralph-Donna was so excited as she had read everything there was to read pertaining to Anne of Green Gables
 Things we did and saw in Avonlea Village:

A concert in the Shanty-it was toe tapping for sure!! We girls sure thought the chap with the accordion looked like George Clooney! 

Donna of Green Gables

Yes there was a Jeannie of Green Gables too!

Yes we also played dress up!!
Rick Donna and Ralph

My Favorite Farmer
Ma and Pa Kettle

Aren't we cute

We toured the lighthouse at Tryon-that was an adventure travelling the road to get to it-not one we'd ever take our rigs on!!
she was somewhat 'rutty' and we bottomed out in a few places but we bravely carried on to our destination
Tryon is a working lighthouse-it sure could use a coat of paint tho

Beautiful landscape at the lighthouse

There were eagles all around us-soaring ever so graceful -I couldn't catch any shots of them but Donna was on task and got some.

How gorgeous is this!!!

Donna and I horsing around at Lucy Maude Montgomery's grandparents House...
This home is owned on PEI by a Doctor from Boston, but flew back and forth to Nashville TN where he has his medical practise-hows that for a summer bungalow!

No visit to PEI is complete without supper at Fisherman's Wharf in North Rustico -which features a 60' unlimited salad bar! Its not all salad either lots of seafood and chowders to be found there-we had scallops as our entree and believe me when I say we all 'rolled' out of there. Their desert bar was to die for!!
Of course we were treated to beautiful evening sunsets

Wednesday evening we attended a "Ceilidh" at the Brackley Beach community Hall. Great fiddle music and fantastic step dancers. There was an informal intermission where you could partake of Strawberry Sundaes.

wow could she fiddle and her legs never stopped she also step danced while playing 

Buck sat alone-was it something we said Bucko? lol

Thursday we visited "Victoria By The Sea" A quaint little fishing village-with lots of unique little shops for us girls to visit. 

All of us girls sat in the magic healing chair in the candle making shop and made our wish for good health. Then we all bought candles.

Victoria by the Sea is an amazing quaint little town if you ever go to Prince Edward Island be sure to look it up!
This tree is an american elm tree and is the oldest and largest tree on Prince Edward Island. It is amazing.

Last but not least we girls are now "loomers"-we asked Karen of Karen in the Woods -small house big backyard blogger (who is an amazing loomer) if we qualify because we purchased these and she said now Donna and I are "Loomers" yeeehaww!!!

Ok if your still with me I apologize for rambling on and on-but I just wanted to share all our fun with you! And if your still with me here I thank you for hanging in till the end. I may not blog often but when I do I find I'm trying to cram a week into one blog. I would have blogged daily but the internet in the RV park sucked and we could never get online.

Stay safe out there folks! And remember

"Home is Where you Park it"


  1. Oh my what a wonderful post. So much info to absorb. I'm sure your friends had the best time with you as host and hostess and tour guide. So may great shots but I particularly love the one thru of the lighthouse with the grass of the field in the foreground. Also love the shot of Ma & Pa Kettle. Good one for the Grans!

    I so want to to got to Avonlea. Maybe one year we will travel your way and you can tour us around.

    Meanwhile, the answer is NO, you can never have too much fun. I want to remind you of where you were last year at this time and your struggles and even when you just got home this spring, you were bored. I think it's cuz you were not well so hang onto this great feeling you have and just live it day after day.

    1. We would love to have you folks travel our way...and we would definitely tour you around :)

  2. Oh what a great time you all had. I love the photos of you all dressed up so pretty!
    Your header photo is gorgeous!
    Keep the good times rolling!

  3. You two are great hosts! Your blog is a fun read (informative one too). Good on you for taking these welcomed RVers to P.E.I.

    We can clearly understand why you had no time for blogging!

  4. you may not have had time to blog but you did a fine job on a great recap!..the two of you are tour guide extrodinaires!!! the photos..but the one of Osuumer with his new friends?..priceless!..bett watch out..I am sure you will be getting more company after everyone reads this!

    1. We love company...let us know if your ever in this area!!

  5. What a wonderful place to visit, You all seem to have had so much fun.

  6. No can never have too much fun. And looks like you did quite well with that. Just love all those area that you visited and have been there many times, at least 7 visits over the years. Excellent posting!

  7. You guys are having waaaay toooo much fun. Your pics make me homesick for my home state of Maine. Just beautiful.

  8. Oh my, PEI is such a wonderful place. I was there years ago..definitely need to go back.

    1. Let us know when you decide to come back !! We will make sure we're around....

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Did you buy your loomers with loonies?

    Great pictures of a super getaway. You're doing this retirement gig very well!

    1. lol Marti no I didn't have that many lonies !!!

  11. Loomies bought with loonies. ;c)

    Great pictures of a super time, you've got this retirement gig down pat!

  12. If Paulette sees this post we'll be off to PEI, I just know it. She and the girls have watched Anne of Green Gables about a thousand times I'm sure.

    Beautiful photos of everything especially your new header!

    Glad to see everyone is having a great time and getting good weather to boot.

  13. Yeah, you are just having too much fun....and I'm jealous!

  14. Repeat after me, you can NEVER have too much fun

    PEI is on our list

    1. well be sure to let us know when your going to be in the area..

  15. Fun blog! Sounds like you are having a lovely trip!

  16. Yupper we had a ball and anxious for our next meeting up in Nova Scotia... We will have a BALL!!!!
    Miss Ya

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I guess we all eventually get a turn at an anonymous potty mouthed foul idiot...this was my first...thankfully there is a delete button...

  18. I love PEI. Thank you for the memories. We will be in Riverview next summer. Maybe we will get a chance to meet.

    Vicky and Ira

  19. Me too. Thanks for the memories! We went there in our motorhome (the one we no longer have *sniff*) and were in the exact same spots as you! Crazy! We stayed one night at the Marco Polo RV park, or whatever it's called (up on the hill, it was windy!) and then moved over to what is now the Sherwood Inn (hotel/motel?) It was called something else at the time, and was owned by the parents of my niece's significant other. (got that?) Anyway, it's since been sold and under new ownership. It's between "Chez Yvonne's and "Shining waters family fun park".
    We parked up next to their pool for the next couple days and then headed back over to Nova Scotia. My wife, my brother and his wife rode the bikes over to the Anne of Green Gables thingy.

  20. we were down in the front row (just on the other side of the entrance road Bob) and it wasn't bad we still had some wind tho....but we weren't there much as you can see....we are meeting up with our Rv friends again in Truro NS to head for Cape Breton early in August....after we return from Vancouver

  21. Wow,,,,,,what fun!! You wore me out!!!:-) thats a neat area!

  22. Elaine this is just wonderful! So much fun for me to see PEI. It is one of my most favorite places on Earth. I have not been there since I off handedly told Carrie that we would take her there if she read all the Anne books. Never thinking she would do it. But she sure did. We were there when they were talking about the bridge and there were some very strong feelings on both sides. I wondered if it would ruin the island and cause many more mcmansions to be built by too wealthy americans. Do you think it has changed a lot since the bridge? Your photographs are just gorgeous!!

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