Saturday, June 4, 2011

Progression~Finally!!!!!-We retire on Friday-this week!! Rick's Birthday June 10

Retirement!!!~~~New Rig!!!~~~Fear!!!~~~Excitement

Hey Everyone.....things are progressing at a rapid pace :) most of you know we are all moved into the renovated apartment on our home..and we are readying the main house for rental...we flew to Toronto on Thursday, rented a car and drove up to an  RV dealer Friday in Smithville and spent the day there going over a couple of motor homes we had our eye on (well Rick had his eye on~~ I personally love love love my miss Daisy our gas mh)...anyway the deed is done...we are the proud new owners of a 38' Tropi Cal by National ~diesel pusher... with 28,000. miles on it..three slides 350 cat motor-on freightliner chasis (like I know what thats all about)...sleeps 6, nice stainless appliances (side by side fridge)..and more importantly tons and tons of storage...pass thru under belly storage...Rick is drooling...I'm very happy with the interior storage..not to the drooling point mind you but at the panting stage (I think thats a man thing)..will be making arrangements with the dealer on Monday to hopefully be up there with ours on June 20th to 'move' again...So far all of our rigs have been "girls" so I think its only fitting that this one is a "dude" to find a name for him (yes I always name them)...I'm thinking 'osumer'....meaning "more than awesome" thats the thought for today...the way things have been progressing at lightening speed who knows what tomorrow will bring....have a super weekend everyone!!! Hope to see you all down the road!! Rick is walking on air...I have buyers remorse! But then again I have buyers remorse whenever I shop!!!!


  1. congrats on your 'new to you' retirement gift!..very very nice! the layout!..buyer's remorse?..I get that too! will pass!!..

  2. Congratulations firstly on your retirement and secondly on your new motorhome! If we can work things out, maybe we'll get to see it!

  3. It's a beauty! Congrats on both counts.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  4. Happy birthday Rick!!! What a great birthday present! Congrats, it's really nice looking!

  5. Congratulations! Good to hear from you as well :)

  6. Congratulations!
    I actually did a little *gasp* when I saw what you bought.
    Small world.
    I'm forever looking at RVs on Sicard's website. And had looked at that Tropi-cal a few times.
    Our other home is in Burlington, so I've been up to Smithville a few times, and I sold our motorhome to them right around this time last year, since we are now far far away and it was just sitting. :(
    (I hope to have some sort of RV again...maybe...some day...)
    I just may have to keep a closer eye on your goings on over the next few days. This is very cool!
    Have fun!

  7. We are heading up for pickup on the 20th Bob...taking our current rig up as we traded it in...and doing the switch....providing the PDI is all done and all is ok by then