Monday, March 15, 2010

The List is Getting Longer!! And the Excitement is Building

Yesterday Miss Daisy was taken out of storage and is currently sitting in our front driveway, in preparation of our departure. We plan and hope to be able to depart anytime after our appointments on April 1st. Rick installed a new mud sweep on her yesterday. Tomorrow the toad goes to the dealer to have the snow tires changed to the summer tires, and the motor home has an appointment at the dealer on Thurs of this week to be serviced, brakes flushed, and inspected. Now to find all the 'summer' clothes and pack the rig, needless to say I'm beginning to have 'lists for my lists'. On the 1st Rick has a dental appt, I have a specialist appt, and Lilly has an appointment at the beauty parlor. Between now and then, I have to deliver our income tax to the accountant, other people's income tax to complete for them, office work to catch up on and the usual house work etc. all know the drill. We are really looking forward to getting away. I think deep down the excitement is building, but there is just so much to accomplish before we hitch up and roll out~will keep you updated.

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